JOEL THOMSON was born in Oceanside, CA, which is part of San Diego County, in 1972. "Desiray" was born in Key West, June 27, 1999.

He has a wonderful mother, Terry, who is affectionately known in the drag community as MAMA-RAY.  He also has two younger siblings and is the father of a gorgeous girl named Anastasia.

Joel moved to Key West in March of 1999 and has been a resident ever since, with a "l'il three year stint in Fort Lauderdale".

As a performer Desiray has been employed by Sushi Productions and the 801 Bourbon Girls since January, 2000.  As part of the local tradition of performers supporting the local charities and just plain having fun, she holds the following titles:

Ms. Mardi Gras of Bourbon St Pub, 2000

Ms. PrideFest, 2000

Ms. Merry Christmas, 2001

Ms. Fantasy Fest, 2002

Her current status is single, "and loving it"!  Her future goal is become Queen Mother XXX, in 2013, (the DIRTY Queen!!!)