KEVIN ODEN created Kylie Jean in 1992, but there were earlier manifestations of the persona that was to come. 

Hopping around the Los Angeles area in the early to mid 1990s hosting parties and anything else she could take her heels to and they would pay, she became well known and honed her craft.

In 1996 Sushi met Kylie and insisted that she move to Key West...and no one says no to the Queen!  She moved and it was good!

In late 1997 Jimmy Gilleran bought the 801 and built the upstairs cabaret and Sushi's 801 Girls Cabaret was born.

Since that time Kylie has worked for Sushi, and even lives in the same house.  If she is not at the door getting people upstairs for the show, she can be found at the pool bar across the street at the Bourbon Street Pub enjoying the sunshine like any good L.A. Girl would!