MARLENA DANI STIDHAN  - Her drag persona was created in 1987 at a club in Key West called Backstreets, where the restaurant Mangoes now sits.  Back in those days the big drag stars were across Duval St at the Copa.

By 1998 Marilyn had not one, but TWO, Drag Mothers; DANA DOUGLAS and the Diva VOGUE, and with their help she won two crowns that year at LaTeDa and the Copa.

Since then she has performed at many benefits ranging from those in support of a cure for the AIDS Epidemic, to Reef Relief, and more.

After years of working in various nightclubs and private venues she found herself in what she calls a "bad place" from an accident which left her in physical therapy and resulted in too many hours in an orthopedic surgeon's office.  Disabled and unable to work a "normal" job,  Sushi insisted she work for the 801, and here for 8 years Marilyn has made her home.

She is often called a 'fat man with tits', but she holds her head up high, working the door, the sound and light for the shows, and hosts her own Drag 101 Educational and Entertainment Cabaret.

To all her fans she says: "Love ya...and I didn't do it"