GARY MARION was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and moved to Portland, OR as a young boy.  It was there, in 1984, that SUSHI was born.

Moving to Key West in 1992 he set about convincing the 801 that it needed her to propel the Cabaret to international fame. She worked hard transforming the upstairs into the plush surroundings you see now, sewing curtains and costumes until it provided the perfect platform for her collection of queens.  In 1997 the 801 Cabaret was born!

Since then the Drag Queens of the 801 have been written about in books, portrayed in an award-winning documentary film, "Audience with the Queens", and been showcased on CNN for the past 7 years as part of the worldwide New Year's Eve coverage.  Sushi has been dropping from the Bourbon Street roof in her glittering red shoe since that first New Year's Eve the 801 Cabaret was open.

Sushi can be seen all around town at charity fundraisers, Sunday tea dances, local fairs and festivals, pageants and more. As Queen Mother XXV she was an ambassadress whose glam and glitter have become legend!